You Can Make a Difference for a Child in Care

Helping Hands

Apply today!

We've served over 400 children to date and that wouldn't be possible without volunteers like you. We are 100% volunteer run. All of the hard work needed to fulfill our mission to serve youth in care is done by caring members of our community. If you'd like to be a part of the team that makes it all possible, please apply today! To see what kinds of volunteer shifts are available right now, check down below. 

Volunteer Sorting Days

Meridian Location

2 hour shift

Saturdays & TBD

On Volunteer Sorting Days, we process new donations. We sort clothing by sizes, styles, weed out torn or old items, count new inventory for our records, and put items away.

Customized Order filling

Meridian Location

1 hour shift

Mon, Wed, & Friday

During an Order Filling shift, volunteers fill the orders placed by our clients. This is a short but vital shift, as it is needed for the last step in getting orders to clients. Occasionally, when new orders haven't come in that day. Volunteers put together emergency packets instead so that when a child needs something to wear immediately, we can have those ready to go. This task is done usually independently, after 1-3 training shifts, and can be scheduled on the day according what works best for the volunteer. 

Laundry & Mending

At Home


Laundry or Mending or Stain Removal can be done from home at your schedule. Pick up and drop off is in Meridian. Currently, detergent, sewing supplies, and stain removal supplies are something the volunteer must provide. 

Other Opportunities

Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for other volunteer opportunities coming this Summer! We will soon have volunteer days in Greenleaf and a volunteer search committee! We will also have new opportunities coming that involve outreach, fundraising, social media development, and data organization!

Twins on a Skateboard

Volunteer Policies

Volunteers operate as our only staff so it's very important that volunteer arrive on time for their shifts and communicate cancelations in advance. Please arrive on time for shifts. After 2 consecutive no shows without any communication, volunteers will be removed from the registered volunteers list and will have to reapply. 

Our client's privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Only board members (not volunteer staff) are allowed access to private, identifying information about our clients, such as name, address, or age.


General Inquiries:



Greenleaf Store

21445 Main St., Greenleaf, Idaho

Order Pick Up and Donation Location

2212 N Meridian Rd,  Meridian, Idaho