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We want to make sure children experiencing foster & kinship care have access to the same quality of clothing as their peers in the community. We have a large stock of various sizes and styles available. 

Place An Order

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section below, prior to placing an order.

If you need any assistance completing the order form:

email or call/text (208) 352-6565.

Please select the order form to use based on the child's clothing size. Submit one order form per child. 

Check out other resources available in the community:
Need teen clothing resources? 


Have a question
that is not listed?

1 / Is my foster or kinship child eligible?

The child must be age Newborn to 21 years old and currently be in a foster or kinship placement within the state of Idaho. We also accept orders for adults that have recently aged out of foster care within the state of Idaho.

We accept orders for foster/kinship children that are currently in a legal guardianship. Once a foster/kinship child is legally adopted they are no longer eligible for our services. However, we will always be willing to assist you with finding other local resources that are available. 

2 / What information do I need to provide? 

  • Child's First Name, Age, Gender & Clothing Sizes

  • Requester's Full Name, Contact Information & Relation to Child

  • Caregiver's Full Name, Contact Information & Relation to Child (if not requester)

  • Department of Health & Welfare Region Assigned To

  • Caseworker's Name

3 / What clothing sizes are available to order?

We are currently only accepting youth clothing orders from sizes Newborn to Youth 14/16.

Teen clothing orders (sizes Youth 18 and up) are indefinitely suspended due to a staffing shortage. However, in the meantime, we are accepting non-clothing item orders for teens (subject to availability). 

Need teen clothing resources?


4 / Is eligibility confirmed?

We do confirm the eligibility status for each order. The Wardrobe Treasure Valley reserves the right to cancel an order and/or block future orders if it is discovered that anyone has knowingly provided falsified information. 

5 / How often can I place an order for a child?

We understand that children grow quickly and that their clothing needs to keep up with their growth. We limit our orders to a maximum of 4 times a year per child, with at least 3 months between each order. If there is a specific item that you are in need of between orders please email us at and we will try our best to work with you as inventory allows. 

We highly suggest placing an order between May & August for summer clothes and another order between November & February for winter clothes. 

6 / Will I receive every item that I requested?

While we do have a large amount of inventory, our services are dependent on donations from the community. As such, sometimes we are not able to meet every specific customization request. However, we will do our best to fulfill as many of the items requested as possible. 

7 / How long does it take to receive an order?

Your order will be fulfilled & ready for pick-up within 2-7 days. If there is any delay, we'll notify you immediately via email. 

Need an emergency order?

Emergency Order = Child has no additional clothing items to wear the next day. We will make every effort to rush your order. 

8 / How will I know my order is ready for pick-up?

Once your order is ready for pick-up you will receive an email notification that includes instructions for picking up your order. 

Please add to your contacts list or check spam frequently as our initial notifications often end up there for new clients. Feel free to email us if you are unsure if your order is ready for pick-up. 

9 / Where do I pick-up my order?

We currently have 2 locations for order pick-up:


Address: 2212 N. Meridian Rd. Meridian, ID 83646

Pick-up at this location is available 24/7. 


Address: 304 N. Kimball Ave. Caldwell, ID 83605

Pick-up at this location is only available*

Wednesdays 10:00am-2:00pm
Fridays 10:00am-2:00pm
Saturdays 10:00a
Sundays 10:00am-12:00pm (noon)

*Hours subject to change based on volunteer availability. Please check our Facebook posts below for any closure announcements:





When placing your order please make sure to carefully select your order pick-up location. 

10 / How long do I have to pick-up my order?

Orders must be picked up within 14 days of the pick-up email notification. If the order is not picked up within 14 days it will be cancelled and re-binned to prevent damage and theft of the items. 

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