Customized Orders

We want to make sure children experiencing foster and kinship care have access to the same quality of clothing as their peers in the community. We have a large stock of various sizes and styles available.

How To Place an Order


Evaluate your child's needs. What size shirts, pants, shoes does your child wear? What style of clothing suits them best? Tight, loose, summer, winter, sportsy, or glamorous? Lastly, does the child need a full, new wardrobe or do they need only specific types or amounts of items? 


Fill out the order form, here online. Enter the information you've gathered so we can provide your child with the best, most personalized as possible wardrobe. In addition to their wardrobe information, you'll need to provide one of the following: a caseworker name, the guardian's relationship, or the year when the young adult aged out of foster care. 


Keep a close eye on your email. Email is the main way we'll keep in touch. You'll receive an email within 24 hours (business days) of submitting an order. Most orders will be filled within 5-14 business days, but we'll let you know if it will be longer. Once your order is ready for pick-up, you'll receive an email detailing directions to our 24/7 pick-up location in Meridian. 




Due to a shortage of volunteer staffing and leadership, we are saddened to announce that some services will temporarily be suspended until the staffing needed to meet these needs is available.

Teen and emergency order services are temporarily suspended until further notice.

Teen and Emergency Orders Temporarily Suspended

Customized Order Policies

Orders not picked up within 2 weeks of fulfillment are subject to be cancelled, unless special accommodations are arranged between the client and wardrobe staff. 

While we do have a large amount of inventory, our services are dependent on donations and volunteer staff. As such sometimes we are not able to meet every specific customization request, but we will do our very best and let you know before you make the trip to pick up your order if anything requested is missing from the final order.

Our services are solely for the use of youth currently in foster care, kinship care, or adults who have aged out of foster care under age 21. If orders are found to have knowingly falsified information, wardrobe staff reserves the right to place a hold on any future orders placed by the requesters. 



It will take us about 5-14 days to fill your orders. If there is any delay, we'll notify you immediately via email. 



Pick-up is available 24/7 in Meridian, at 2212 N Meridian Rd. Meridian, ID 83646. 

Sometimes GPS will steer folks to Kuna. We are not there. We are in Meridian between Fairview and Ustick. 


General Inquiries:


Greenleaf Store

21445 Main St., Greenleaf, Idaho

Order Pick Up and Donation Location

2212 N Meridian Rd,  Meridian, Idaho