A History of The Wardrobe

As we know it, the history of The Wardrobe is below. Please bear in mind that since this project has been drifting from home to home for over 20 years, there are some blank and unclear spots. But, as best we have been able to piece it together from documents and members of the community, this is its history. Anything from 2019 forward is accurate since we have lots of documentation from then onwards. If you know a piece of the story that we're missing, please reach out!

The Vision began in the 90's

We know that a local foster parent began this project in the 90's. Why? Because she was a foster parent and saw how many children in foster care were in need of clothing. She created a clothing exchange between foster parents that ran for several years.

At some point, the project ended up at Health and Welfare. There it was cared for by different team members until it landed in the care of One Church One Child liaisons who worked for Fostering Idaho within Health and Welfare. It stayed in the Nampa area, switching homes a few times in a few years. This is where it first became known as "The Wardrobe." An amazing, local construction company renovated it around 2017 and asked for the clothing exchange's name to be developed. The Wardrobe was then named as it is known today. By 2018, it was hiding in the back rooms of Nampa's Health and Welfare office where a devoted volunteer worked to bring in hundreds of children a year to pick out a few outfits. It was spread across 4 small rooms.

A year later, the current OCOC liaison was resigning and decided that The Wardrobe needed to be it's own non-profit in order to successfully serve the thousand or so children drifting in and out of foster care each year. In September of 2019, The Wardrobe: Treasure Valley was officially formed.

We first opened in a garage in Caldwell in December 2019. By the following year we'd grown into one shop in Meridian and a small storefront in Greenleaf. We are still growing, but so far we've served 711 kids since opening and almost 400 of those children this year alone. We are still working out of Greenleaf and Meridian, but hope to expand to a larger, central store front in the near future.


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